Kranz, modern Zelenogradsk, which has no history rooted in the Middle Ages, appear at the beginning of the XIX century as a beach resort as a result of massive influx of population into East Prussia. Therefore, the city has developed as a vacation spot since day one and is known for many cute German manor houses and convenient access to the sea. However, and the modern Russia’s authorities did their best to make Zelenogradsk an attractive and convenient resort for tourists from all over the world. The vivid illustration of that – in 1999 Zelenogradsk was declared a resort of federal importance specializing in balneotherapy, namely mineral water-based treatment. Zelenogradsk is known for its famous mineral springs where drinking artesian water and healing water are drawn.

Also from Zelenogradsk you can get to a gem of Kaliningrad Region — Curonian Spit.

What to see

Apart from the sea and amazing modern promenade, the main attraction of Zelenogradsk is unquestionably its architecture formed on the cusp of the XIX-XX centuries. A great number of beautiful villas make the resort particularly charming. It is worth paying attention to the building of the Children’s Library, houses on Kurortny Prospekt and on Writer Ivan Turgenev Street. The Water Tower, built in 1904, also won't leave you unmoved. The most distinguished constructions of the resort are – built in the Modernist style and in the spirit of the Civil architecture – the Neo-Gothic former post office, railway station building. Churches make an independent list of attractions - Church of St.Andrew the First-Called and Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Zelenogradsk are Neo-Gothic churches that are unquestionably worth of tourist’s attention.

How to get there

  1. Zelenogradsk is twenty-four kilometers northwest of Kaliningrad. You can reach the resort taking a bus departing from the Yuzhny and Severny Bus Stations every 20 minutes till 11 pm.

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In 1252 year

Kranz was first mentioned

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