Visa to Russia

How to get?

All foreigners required a Russian visa to visit Kaliningrad oblast. Russian tourist visa can be single or double entry, and allows to stay in Russia up to 30 days.

You can apply for Russian visa only if you have confirmation from registered russian tour operator. All registered tour operators has their unique number starting with letters MTZ. Confirmation includes details about dates of travel, places to be visited in Russia and passport details of tourist. Booking of hotel from different online services and confirmations directly from hotel are not suitable to apply for visa.

Our agency will help you in obtaining Russian visa.

For confirmation we need only:

– Scan of the first page of applicants passport
– Dates and places of intended travel

Confirmation will be ready in 1-2 business days.

After you get confirmation, you have to fill form on Russian consulate web-site.Then you have to enroll on interview to the nearest Russian consulate, or just send all documents by post, if it is applicable in your country.

List of documents required for visa depends of requirements in your country. Standart list includes original passport, confirmation (as mentioned above), filled form and actual photo.

Cost of confirmation - 25$
When order accommodation in our agency cost of confirmation will be 10$.


How to pay for your services?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Making of confirmation usually takes 1-2 business days, then we will send you document by e-mail.

How long I can stay in Russia with tourist visa?

You can stay up to 30 days in Russia with tourist visa.

How long is the process to get Russian visa ?

Usually to get Russian visa it takes about 2 weeks, but you should always check standart processing time in your country.

Which countries can visit Russia without visa?

In addition to the former CIS countries visa-free regime exists with the following countries:

Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Chile, Israel (in the presence of a tourist voucher), Macedonia, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, Fiji, Honduras, Cuba, Macao, Montenegro, Thailand, Ecuador, Mongolia, Seychelles, South Korea, Hong Kong.


Refusal percent
of Russian visas