Svetlogorsk, known by many as a successor of German Rauschen, was first mentioned as early as in 1258. However, it acquired the modern field of specialization and status of one of the best seaside resorts of the Sambia Peninsula only in the middle of the XIX century! Opened formally as a resort in 1820, already thirty years later it has become a tourist mecca of national importance for the German Empire.

Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm IV was one of those who visited Rauschen. Many prominent figures liked Rauschen. Among illustrious persons, that had affection for the city, great pianist and composer Otto Nicolai, writer and thinker Thomas Mann and German painter, graphic artist and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz can be mentioned.

A large-scale construction and change of the image of the resort took place at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1900-1910 years, a construction of manor houses widely spread over Rauschen. The main features of that wave were the use of typical architectural forms with elements of the then being on-trend historicism, half-timbering and Gothic revival, as well as harmony with the natural landscape.

Built at the beginning of the last century, the architecture is well preserved to the delight of a modern tourist. It may be said that Russia’s authorities also have done a lot for that effect. The city has some of the best hotels in the area. The newly built Concert Hall “Yantar” (“Amber”) made Svetlogorsk one of the centers of the Region’s cultural life.

The Svetlogorsk’s promenade is an enjoyable place for a leisure walk where you can see the famous sundial. You definitely won’t be disappointed, when visit this city!

What to see

Svetlogorsk’s architectural masterpieces are countless. The most remarkable are the villa of architect Goering (1928), tower of the hydropathical establishment, erected in the National Romantic style (1908).

How to get there

  1. Busses from Kaliningrad to Svetlogorsk depart every 30 minutes from the Severny Bus Station (near Pobedy Square) and McDonald’s), as well as from the Yuzhny Bus Station. You can get to Svetlogorsk and by train departing from the Severny or Yuznhy Railway Stations.

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Seats can accommodate the theater stage "Amber Hall"

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