Sovetsk is rightfully deemed a city that is second in importance and dimensions in the region after Kaliningrad. Located 118 kilometers of Kaliningrad, Sovetsk is situated at the junction of the Tylzha River and the Neman River and connected to the Lithuanian shore by the famous Queen Louise's Bridge, which at this time is a customs terminal. Tilsit, granted city status in 1550, left a significant mark in world history. Tilsit was the city, where in 1807 the famous Peace Treaty between Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor Alexander I was signed. Mainly this milestone in the history happened through the mediation of protectress Queen Louise.

What to see

Sovetsk’s monuments are too numerous to list due to the fact that this city is one of few where the classic German architecture was destroyed substantially less than anywhere else in Region. However, a number of architectural masterpieces deserve special attention of a sophisticated traveler. Among those attractions are the Monument to Queen Louise in the Jakobsruhe Park, Villa Franca, Timber Merchant Villa, Gymnasium No. 1 and many others. The startling Victory Park, waking in summer, and the Fountain with a sculpture of an eagle and a mascaron of a lion are definitely worth to be seen.

The church buildings and well-preserved Tilsit’s churches are another crown jewel of the city. It is impossible to pay no attention to such amazing architectural works as the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church of the Resurrection of Christ, Three Hierarchs Cathedral, and Reformed Church.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere of this magic border city, but one thing is for sure, this small-scale, but deep and unique city has its own spirit, and even a demanding tourist will get a great pleasure, when visit it.

How to get there

  1. Busses to Sovetsk run from the Yuzhny Bus Station every half hour. The trip takes from an hour and a half to two hours on average. Have a nice trip!

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In 1807 year

Agreement was signed between Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander I in Tilsit

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