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According to the theory of French historian Pierre Nora, who says that people, monuments and even events reminding people about something important, are so called sites of memories (lieu de mémoire). Such a site of memory for Konigsberg and Kaliningrad is undoubtedly Immanuel Kant. Immanuel Kant lived in 1724-1804 in Konigsberg, when Prussia was passing through tough and war times. Therefore, there is a joke that Kant could ultimately change its nationality from Prussian into Russian without leaving Konigsberg. That happened as a consequence of the transfer of Konigsberg to the Russian Empire according to the results of the Seven Years' War

The outstanding philosopher, underappreciated in his lifetime, but having works that can be hardly overestimated nowadays, did a good service for its city, which he enormously loved and has never left. The city returned the favour: Kaliningrad has a lot of places dedicated to the memory of the famous fellow townsman: a federal university was named in his honour; the island, where the beautiful Cathedral is located, also bears its name. Kaliningradians are proud of the fact that such a great figure lived in their city and try to keep the memory about him alive in every way. On the scientific side philosophers often arrange conferences dedicated to the heritage of Kant, popular films are produced and books are published.

What to see

You definitely should visit Kaliningrad, in particular so called Kant Island, washed by the Pregolya River and located in the center of the city near the ruins of the King’s Castle, that to know Immanuel Kant better, although there are evidences of his bad character. You can’t pass by the well-known Cathedral that regularly holds organ recitals. The Cathedral, that used to have the name “Dome Cathedral of Our Lady and St. Adalbert”, was built on the cusp of the XIII-XIV centuries – is a special place for Kaliningrad due to the fact that city inhabitants associate it with Immanuel Kant. And near this particular Cathedral the grave of the great philosopher is situated.

How to get there

  1. The Cathedral’s address — Immanuil Kant Street. This street can be reached from Pobedy Square by taking the buses No.:
    1, 3, 10, 11, 17, 21, 30, 32, 37, 44.
    Exit after 2 stops and go through Leninsky Prospekt.

1724 -1804

Years of Immanuel Kant's life

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