Dancing forest


This unordinary and truly magical forest is a real natural anomaly. The “Dancing Forest” has its roots in the sixties of the XX century, when a pine forest was planted on a parcel of land on the Kruglaya Dune (Runderberg - Gora Kruglaya). The point is that the Kruglaya Dune, unlike most other dunes of the Spit, stretches along the shore of the Curonian Lagoon and is located as though separately directly on a palve – flat wooded plain between the sea and lagoon. The causes of the unusual curved shape of the trees are unknown, but one thing is certain – they never leave anybody untouched and spark interest of many thousands of people coming to the Spit especially in search of a clue.

There is a version that the cause of the fancy shape of the trees is a damage inflicted to young growing trees by larvae of pine shoot moths (Rhyacionia buoliana). The larvae damage pine shoots eating forming tip buds and in a lesser degree lateral buds. However, at the moment there is no sufficient proof of this theory.

What to see

Almost each tree of the “Dancing Forest” is an inexplicable enigma and exciting natural phenomenon, which means that each trunk is worthy of your close attention. You can even play a game guessing what letters or fancy shapes have a look of the tree trunks.

How to get there

  1. The length of the forest is about one kilometer. The “Dancing Forest” is situated in the 37th kilometer of the Spit, four kilometers north of the village of Rybachy, so you can get to it as by car and on foot from the village. A walk amid the wash of the lagoon and the sea, fresh air will absolutely work in your favor. Therefore it is preferable to get there by bicycle or on foot walking leisurely along the Spit.

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In 1961 year

The first tree in the Dancing forest was planted

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