Curonian Spit


The Curonian Spit is a long, narrow slip of ground that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The Spit connects Zelenogradsk and Klaipeda, and, more precisely, serves as a border between Russia and Lithuania, but that is far from its main destination! The name of the Spit was derived from the name of the ancient tribe “The Curonians” living here before the German colonization of Prussia in the XII century.

The length of the Spit is 98 kilometers, when its width varies from 400 meters to 3,8 kilometers. The Spit consists of three villages: Lesnoy, Rybachy and Morskoy. In 2000, the Curonian Spit was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a marvel that the Curonian Spit, along with the Hel and Baltic Spits, knows no equals in the world and is a natural landscape affected by a little anthropogenic impact.

What to see

The list of attractions of the Curonian Spit is virtually endless! The names “Korolevsky Bor” (“Royal Pine Forest”) (Grenz Forestry Section), ornithological observatory “Fringilla”, “Muller's Height”, “Dancing Forest”, “Efa’s Height”, “Swan Lake” comment themselves. These places are those that defy description – unique natural anomalies that are destined to please the human eye and remind of the value of pristine wilderness that a man should preserve and protect.

The tourism infrastructure of the Curonian Spit will allow you to relax and enjoy a visit of these wonderful places: you can also relax on one of the widest sandy beaches of the region, swim in the sea and do many other things.

Not only the flora of the Curonian Spit, but and the fauna is rich. You have a great opportunity to meet quite friendly foxes, elks, roe deers and wild boars. About the famous fox, that likes to come to the Russian-Lithuanian border, legends are composed by local inhabitants. For a small treat it will put you in a good mood for a long time!

How to get there

  1. You can get to the Curonian Spit through Zelenogradsk by bus as part of a regular sightseeing tour or by car. It should be kept in mind that an access to the Curonian Spit is allowed only with a special pass that you need to buy right at the access point of the Spit.

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98 km

The length of the Curonian Spit

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