Chernyakhovsk, former Insterburg, became one of the first outposts of the Teutons on this land. The castle, preserved till nowadays, was built 90 kilometers of Konigsberg in 1336. Throughout its history, Insterburg has played an important part in the life of the area and to the present day continues to be a gem of Kaliningrad Region.

What to see

Chernyakhovsk is one of the Region’s cities that are richest in attractions. Here anyone will find a thing to do. For military history lovers the city can offer to visit monuments to outstanding military leaders and commanders such as the Monument to Russian military leader Barclay de Tolly; Obelisk in honor of the victory of the Russian troops at the Battle of Gross-Egersdorf, that is on the southern outskirts of the village of Mezhdurechie, and the Monument in honour of the 200th anniversary of the battle; Military cemetery for German soldiers (Chapaev Str.), Monument to General of the Army I.D.Chernyakhovsky, as well as the famous Officer’s House (Teatralnaya Square) and lastly the Monument “Friends” to the fallen uhlans of the Regiment No 12 (L. Tolstoy Str., 1), and famous German barracks!

For those, who are interested in German architecture, which includes the castle one, Chernyakhovsk will look attractive with its famous Insterburg and Saalau Castles, and Georgenburg Episcopal Castle; St. Michael's Church and Catholic church of St. Bruno of Querfurt. You should definitely visit the Colour Row Settlement (Elevatornaya Str.), a German architect Scharoun’s work. These and many other Chernyakhovsk’s monuments and attractions will dazzle any tourist.

How to get there

  1. The trip to Chernyakhovsk will take about an hour and a half, but it will be no trouble. You can reach the city using various ways: by bus from the Yuzhny Bus Station or from the Bus Station on Moskovsky Prospekt, that run every half hour. You can make a longer, but interesting journey, if desired, making use of services of railway station: train to Chernyakhovsk departs from the Yuzhny Railway Station at 6pm and arrives at 7.30pm, and returns from Insterburg only in the morning, at 7.05am.

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Till 1946 year

The town was named Insterburg

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