The belief is that Kaliningrad is the westernmost city of Russia is mistaken. In fact that city is Baltiysk. It is the enigmatic successor of Pilau that is located on the westernmost point of the country. The Baltiysk’s history finds its starting point in 1363 and since that time the city has been known for its maritime and fishing bent. However, only since 1725, Pilau has technically become a city. Other, more remarkable feature of Pilau- Baltiysk lies in its strategic location: wars, at all times, reached Pilau first, and only then the rest part of the region: it happened during the Prusso-Swedish war in 1626, and in the XIX and XX centuries. The city was captured by the Russian army, therefore the city has the Monument to Empress of Russia Elizabeth Petrovna; and her father Peter the Great evinced great interest in Pilau, visiting it twice during The Grand Embassy. Nowadays Baltiysk, being closed to foreigners, is a subject for multiple guesses and military theories due to its location and the fleet stationed in it.

What to see

Fans of military history and fleet in particular should not unquestionably deny themselves the opportunity to visit Baltiysk. The Russia’s Baltic Fleet is stationed here; Baltic Fleet Day, celebrated annually on a grand scale, is undoubtedly an event that is worth visiting. There are reasons why the president of the country and top public officials are regular guests of the celebration. The Baltic Fleet Museum, as well as the Naval Cathedral of St. George and famous Baltic Lighthouse (1813-1816) are also of particular interest.

The Equestrian monument to Empress of Russia Elizabeth Petrovna, erected to commemorate the victories of the Russian army won during the reign of Empress Elizabeth, is of special importance for the city. It is generally thought that it is the largest equestrian monument to a woman in the world, as the total height of the monument is 14 meters.

How to get there

  1. Buses depart to Baltiysk from the Yuzhny Bus Station, as well as from Teatralnaya Street (near the Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library), and run every 20 minutes. The short journey takes about an hour.

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14 meters

The height of the largest equestrian monument to a woman in the world

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